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The true events which breaks success?



focus,, In your school college or even your career ,focus is the deciding factor to the race to success ,all of us have the same seven days in a week ,the same 24 hours in a day the people who become successful aren't the ones who have worked the hardest they're the one who can maintain maximum focus ,in the minimum minutes of their work. If you want good marks, good money in life ,it's about how focused you can be....first understand what breaks focus , Focus is about staying in one place switching off from all the distractions in your life, and staying glued to one spot,in one thought ,in one work task but while you try to stay focused the enemies of focus will creep up on you , the breakups,the bad marks, the insults .We all have pain in our lives the insecurities ,the performance pressure .The anxiety of the future we all have same worries in our lives ,pain and the biggest enemies in the process of being focused they keep you ungrounded, the more you grounded you are the more your ability to stay in one place . the more focus you have in life to be focused first work on your grounding.But how to do you improve your grounding,,,,

STEP 1: You have to follow some kind of fitness routine ,your body is build to move ,if you won't work it enough you'll be left with an excess amount of energy and an excess amount of energy will make you ungrounded

tire your body a little,the hormones released and the energies balanced within you will keep your mind sharp


STEP 2: choose the correct food ,yours body is a collection of every thing you eat we've evolved from caveman who've spent centuries eating clean fresh food and only in the last 100-200 years our eating habits have changed now we fill our bodies with packed poisons .the more additives and processed sugar that in your diet the more "ungrounded you feel in your life. So choose wisely eat fresh and then witness change in the state of your mind



The most important step work your mind muscle ,those bicep curles might make your bicep stronger, but your mind is also like a bicep ,it can be trained to be focused ,it can be trained to become can be trained to be grounded .The easiest way to ground your mind is a 'breath based meditation' Sit comfortably with your back erect and only try focusing on your breath nothing else .if your mind wonders about ,that's normal you're got to bring your attention back to your breathing that's all that's the where your focus muscle is being worked ,you're teaching your mind to come back to one thought and one thought only .your career requires you to focus on your work task ,Your meditation requires you to focus on your breath .If you're serious about improving focus ,and minimizing human potential,this is your answer : To train your brain muscles and ones you open your eyes,use that stronger muscle to get some work done..........



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